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August 15, 2016

Lost Stuffed Animal Found in Times Square

People have used Tile to track down all sorts of lost objects.  While finding lost keys & wallets are our most popular use cases, the ones that really speak to us are when objects of sentimental value are recovered. 

Kevin & his family were vacationing in New York City when his daughter lost her stuffed penguin in Times Square in the middle of thousands of people. They noticed it was gone several hours later.  As you can imagine she was rather upset!   Luckily, with Tile, they pulled up the app & were able to find out where it was in the city.  With 6 hours, they had her favorite stuffed animal back in her arms!   Tile to the rescue. 

"I was vacationing in NYC and my 6 yo daughter lost her bag with her beloved stuffed penguin in it. Luckily I tiled the bag and found it six hours later in the middle of 50k people in Times Square!!! Love you tile!  - Kevin R. 

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