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“Lisa, you’re a lifesaver….”


While traveling through the Toronto airport Jody lost her keys (with the help of her one-year old daughter). She knew they were lost even before she boarded the next plane, but being in a hurry to catch her flight, there was very little she could do in the moment. Thankfully she had Tile.

She marked her keys as lost in the app, went on with her trip, and returned to her home in St. Louis, MO. After a little time had passed, Jody started getting Community Find updates every few day notifying her that her keys were showing up at an administrative building near the Toronto airport.

Once she knew the key’s location, she could start the real work of getting her key back to her:

“After some digging around (which is not always easy when contacting airports) I was able to reach someone at the front desk of that specific building, her name was Lisa.

Well, my new friend, Lisa initially couldn't understand what I was saying... that I *knew* they were there. She kept asking if I had been in the building and telling me they couldn't be there because it was a restricted access building. She wanted to re-route me to lost and found at the airport and then another recorded line.

I called her back again and re-explained that this Tile thing was sending me emails with the exact coordinates and I would be happy to send that to her...for whatever reason it finally made sense to her.  She asked me to describe the keys to her again...SHE HAD THEM IN HER HAND!!!  

She was so awesome and helpful and she is going to mail them back to me TODAY!  So after a 74 day adventure of hanging out in the Toronto airport and somehow sneaking their way into a restricted access building, my entire set of keys are on their way back to me in St. Louis, MO, USA!!!  

How awesome is that?!  A huge thanks to Lisa for not hanging up to me and Tile for helping me find them!!!”

Do you travel much? Have you ever left something behind along the way?

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