How to Stop Losing Your TV Remote

By: Brianna
Tile Tips03.23.2020

Think of that moment when you really need to pause a show or you’re settling down for a movie marathon...and you can’t find the TV remote. You’d think it’d be easy to keep it in one place, but between Netflix binges and movie nights — and sharing across multiple family members or roommates — a lost TV remote always comes at the most inconvenient time. 

Enter Tile: helping you avoid the headache of tearing apart your living room. Below are your steps to success for finding those pesky missing TV remotes. 

Sticker It

It’s a critical first step, and it’s easy to add a Tile Sticker to your remote for faster finding. Select the flattest, smoothest surface on the remote, make sure it’s dry and clean of oil/dirt/dust, then use Sticker’s strong adhesive to bond them together. Next time you need it, just open your Tile app and tap “find” to make it ring.

Share It

Make the search party bigger by sharing your Tile with the entire family. Our guess is, everyone in your household has been guilty of “being the last person to use the remote” at some point. By sharing the Tile on your remote, whoever’s home can help get it back to the person in need. (Quick tip: Tile Premium gets you unlimited sharing, but you can still share with one other person without Tile Premium.)

“Smart Home” It

Connect Tile to your Amazon Alexa, Google Home device or Comcast Xfinity Home app. So, next time you yell, "Where's the remote?"... you'll actually get a helpful response. 

Have you used Tile to find your TV remote? What household battles has it helped ease? Share your stories with us on social!