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Hiking & Lost Keys


Often we have to go through a traumatic lost & found event before we decide to use Tile for its intended purpose. Javier lost one set of keys while hiking and so he decided to invest in Tile to prevent it from happening again. Sure enough, a few weeks later Tile was put to the ultimate outdoors test in AZ and we passed. 

Javier lost his keys on a four mile hike in Arizona, and the Tile app was able to locate where he last had the keys on a map. For those of you who have gone hiking, an incident like this is usually a lost cause unless you have help from technology as Javier did. Otherwise, finding your keys in the middle of a remote hike can be very challenging. At what point did he lose it? And where along the hike did the keys fall off?  In addition to saving Javier $300 dollars, he also claimed that it saved him from having to take off an additional day of work to find his keys.  Last Place seen is a very powerful feature within the Tile app that can help you remember where you left something, even if you have no clue.  

"On Dec. 13th, I went on long mountain hike in Awahtukee AZ.  Coming back down from the mountain I started to run and I finally got to my car. I was so excited to be done and noticed my keys were not in my sweat jacket - OMG! Luckily I had my cell phone with me and the Tile app said it was about 12 min away walking distance to where it was last tracked. The GPS  guided me back to the location where my tile and my cell phone separated.  As I started to get close to the area, a kind man noticed I was looking for something and said "Are these yours?" Thank you Tile for saving me $300 on a replacement key but also not losing a day of work. " - Javier D.

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