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Here's to 10 million Tiles! We're celebrating with a giveaway


Everything is easier with a little help from your friends, especially when you’re looking for your lost stuff. Tile’s Community Find feature allows you to use the collective searching power of everyone running the Tile app. The bigger our community grows, the more help you’ll have to find your stuff! 

That’s why we're especially excited to announce that we have officially sold more than 10 million Tiles! To celebrate and say thank you, we want share a little Tile joy with you, the Tile community.

Here’s how it works:  
Between July 3rd, 2017 and July 22nd, 2017, we’ll be giving away a ton of cool prizes to randomly selected Tile users. 


Each week 1 person will win an Away Grand Prize & 9 people will win the Ultimate Tile Package.

The Ultimate Tile Package:
+ The Tile Combo 4-Pack  
+ The Tile Mate Accessory Bundle Tile 
+ The Slim Accessory Bundle 

The Away Grand Prize:

+ The Carry-On in Black from Away (Weeks 1 & 2)
The Away x Tile Luggage Tag
+ & The Luggage Set in Sand from Away (Week 3)
3 Away x Tile Luggage Tags

It's the suitcase too good to lose, designed for the way you actually travel and guaranteed for life. Plus, the classic Away luggage tag gets a thoughtful upgrade—an embedded Tile Slim that helps you keep tabs on your suitcase, wherever it goes. Now your bag can be stowed, checked, or left in a taxi, and still find its way back to you.

What do you have to do to win?

Nothing! Just check your email for the next three weeks to see if your name was selected. 

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