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Neighbors Asked to Download Phone App to Protect Muffin the Cat


Although Bluetooth only has a 100 foot range, Tile's Community can also help you keep track of your items if they go outside of that range. Typically, we have not encouraged Tile members to use Tile for pet tracking since pets can move about past that 100 foot range, however Dominic from the UK pointed out that it is easy to build your own network to expand that radius. By inviting his neighbors to download the app and sharing Muffin's Tile with his wife, he has built his own network for maximum coverage by having Tile act as a Bluetooth pet tracker.

We want to remind other members of the Tile community that every person running our app is another access point for you. Whether you want to share a Tile with a significant other or simply have your best friend download the phone app as well, there are multiple ways to add more members to your inner circle. While Tile has the largest user base of any finder app, it's proportional to the density of where you live. You can stack the deck in your favor by asking your friend and family to have Tile as well. Think about the 5 places you go most often and then consider if there is an access point at each of those locations. Muffin & the rest of the Tile Community thanks you!

"I have now put a Tile on her collar. It doesn't bother her at all and offers peace of mind that if she goes out and can't find her way back we can ring her Tile and rescue her. Our neighbors have downloaded the App for us just in case she wanders outside Bluetooth range. And now I can share Muffin's Tile with my wife, she can find her if I am out.

Keep up the good work!

Dominic R, United Kingdom"

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