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Canary Karma Nomad
June 6, 2016

Gifts to Keep Dad Connected

Tile is a great gift for dads, uncles, or grandfathers this Father's Day.  In addition to keeping track of his wallet or lost keys, you can also attach Tile is any other gift he gets for the holiday so he won't lose it going forward.  It's really about staying connected to the things that matter to you. So much time is spent looking for lost things and that can be very frustrating. Doesn't Dad have better use for all that lost time?  If you want to check out Tile for a gift this Father's Day, click here

The "Connected Life" space is very small with only a few players doing impressive things. Tile has formed relationships with various brands and we like to highlight to our community some of the technology we use to stay connected in our personal lives as well.  Here are three other brands that we have tested and think are a great fit for people (and Dads) who like products like Tile. 

KarmaGo - Wifi when you need it.  

In this connected age, not having wifi has become a big issue. Karma solves that! It's a tiny wireless device that you can use to connect all your devices whether on a car trip, a commute to work, or even a trade show. Tile used KarmaGo at Marker Faire a few weekends ago to run our square register and it was hassle free. In fact, it saved us a few hundred dollars in wifi fees as well.  They also have very flexible payment plans so you can pick whats right for you. And if you really want to, you can put a Tile on your KarmaGo so you never lose it as well. 

Canary - The perfect security system for every home.

Ever wanted to keep tabs on your house while you are away?  Canary works with your phone to get alerts on motion activity in your home, and you can even watch live a broadcast of your home right off your smartphone!  So if dad want's to double check if the dog is on the couch, or simply wants to check that everything is "as it should be,"  this product is an affordable peace of mind solution.  We reviewed this about a year ago and several people at Tile been using it ever since. 

Nomad-  Essential tools for the modern Nomad

Nomad makes amazing accessories for your smartwatch & smartphone. We've been using this handy charger keychain for the last year and it has saved us from running out of power countless times. If you are constantly on the go, they have something here for you. From a charging cable for your pebble watch, to a portable wireless charger for your apple watch, and countless powerbanks, everything here is designed really well and will provide dad with a great accessory for his favorite gadget. 

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