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Find your things with holiday cheer
December 12, 2017

Find the Holiday Cheer: Introducing holiday ringtones for Tile.

For a limited time, you can select Jingle Bells or Auld Lang Syne as your Tile ringtone. Now you can get in the holiday spirit — even when you’re on the lookout for your stuff.

Follow the steps below to change your ringtone:

1) Select the Tile that you want to update from the Home Screen.

2) Select “Options.”

3) Then select “Details” from the “Options” menu.

4) Select “Ringtone”

5) Select “Jingle Bells” or "Auld Lang Syne." 

After selecting your ringtone it will take 30-90 seconds to update. Give it a test ring and enjoy a little holiday cheer - Tile style! 

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