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Where’s My Purse? Find you Lost Purse with Help from Tile


Where’s My Purse? Find you Lost Purse with Help from Tile

Sometimes we think something is stolen when really it is misplaced. What if technology could help you remember where something was left behind or misplaced. So even if you can't remember where you had something, other people are always on the lookout for your lost items.

"Over a month ago, I lost my purse. I happened to have my driver's license in my pocket, but everything else was in there- credit cards, some gift cards, an extra set of remote car keys, costly makeup, and more. After checking what I thought was every possible store I'd been to that day, I concluded it had been stolen from my minivan. Somehow one of the kids hadn't shut the sliding door opposite the driver's side at one place that day, and I figured it must've happened then.

I knew I had a Tile in the purse. I didn't really have much hope of getting my valuables back, but I thought *maybe* the actual purse would be discarded somewhere and I could locate it with the Tile after I set it as "lost" on the app. My purse had been a Christmas present from my husband. But after a month, I wasn't holding my breath.

This Sunday, I was cooking dinner when I got a notification, your purse has been found! I had a map, showing it at the public library. Minutes later I had confirmation from a staff member there; they had my purse! It had been safe and sound in the library "lost and found" the whole time. Not a thing was missing!

Technology is a miracle! The value of what I recovered was WELL over what the Tile cost!"


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