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August 12, 2015

Applications for Tile at Burning Man

Burning man is about many things, but one thing that it is known for it not having great cell phone reception. In general, technology is supposed to enhance the experience, not cause distractions or take people outside of the overall community experience. However, as far as functional uses for mobile tech, BLE is something that has much potential. While many BLE messaging apps were very popular last year, applications like Tile may serve a very functional and useful purpose at BRC in 2015. Tile uses Bluetooth Low Energy without the need for WiFi or Cell service so its very effective in areas where traditional coverage is gone. However, keeping track of physical items on the Playa using the 50-100 foot bluetooth range combined with Tile's massive peer network could be very impactful at an event known for low visibility and dense crowds. One account mentioned that in a few days, 1400 items were turned in at Lost & Found, by 60,000 people.

In theory, Tiled items and a handfull of phones ( 50-100 ) could reduce lost & found items dramatically in a "planned" city like BRC. We figure at the least, we can help several hundred people find their keys. At the most, we might help people find much bigger things and bring some people together in ways we never imagined. If you are interested in learning about Tile & how we might help you not lose your wallet or anything else you don't want to lose ( some things are worth letting go of ;) - reach out to us on twitter @thetileapp. We'd love to help enrich the experience for a few camps & burners if we can.

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