Announcing New Smart Alerts!

By: Jennifer

We’re excited to announce an update to Smart Alerts for Tile Premium subscribers, designed to bring you unparalleled convenience, finding power, and peace of mind. 

What’s New for Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts have gotten smarter. These intuitive alerts make sure you don’t leave anything behind, no matter where you are or where you go. With the relaunched Smart Alerts, if you visit a place and stay a while, we’ll check to make sure you leave that location with all of the Tiled items your first arrived with. For example, if you go to the grocery store with your Tiles key and wallet, but then leave the store twenty minutes later with only your Tiled keys, we’ll proactively alert you that you no longer have your wallet.    

Before this revamp, Tile Premium users needed to set up a Smart Alert in the app for each Tile in their account and specify a particular place where they wouldn't want to leave it. This made Smart Alerts useful for keeping track of important things at trusted places like at home or at work, but it didn’t solve for the everyday places we won’t take the time to set up, like the gym, a restaurant, or a friend’s house. And since we rely on having our essentials with us wherever we go, an update like this one was imminent.   

The Smart Alert Mission

From the beginning, our team set out to tackle a difficult challenge: to create a left-behind alert that's always there when you need it—and stays quiet when you don't. Alerts needed to be timely and helpful, not spammy or overwhelming. So, in order to provide the best possible customer experience, we created Smart Alerts to be completely customizable. 

More on Tile Premium

Since we launched Tile Premium, we’ve been listening to our community, and are excited by your feedback and the staggering growth we continue to see. 

 In addition to Smart Alerts, Tile Premium customers also get a number of other peace of mind features including auto battery replacements, extended warranty, unlimited sharing (most popular items include cars, wallets and bags), location history and premium care. Read more about Tile Premium updates here.  

We’re seeing Premium quickly becoming a must-have service for the Tile Community. With expanded international growth and new services planned for 2020, keep an eye out to see what’s next for Tile Premium!

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