Introducing our new lineup of Tile Bluetooth trackers


Someday in the not-so-far-away future, we’ll sit on our front porch and tell the grandkids about what life was like in the past. We’ll describe what things were like before the Internet, when cars didn’t drive themselves. We’ll explain what compact discs, DVDs, and Blu Ray looked like. We’ll tell them about the days before Tile tracking devices, when people still lost stuff.

They’ll laugh in disbelief. When technology solves a real human problem it soon seems almost ridiculous the problem ever existed in the first place. 

Today, we move one step closer to a world without “lost,” where everyone can find everything that matters. We’ve got a brand-new line-up of Tiles that make lost and found—and peace of mind—easier than ever.

TL;DR - What’s New?

We’ve got one all-new Tile tracking device for you, and we’ve also redesigned and made several updates to our existing lineup of tracking devices to fit lots of new use cases. Read on to discover our new trackers and learn about a few fun facts from the development process.

Tile Sticker 

The small finder that sticks to anything.

Tile Sticker is the smallest tracking device we’ve ever made, meaning you can find even more of the (little) things you love. Stick it on your camera, TV remote, or even a snowboard or surfboard! It’s just the right size and waterproof too, so you can get creative when and where you stick these devices. 

Fun Fact: During product development, Sticker’s code name was “Proteus,” named after the shape-shifting character from Greek mythology. To us, what’s unique about Sticker is how adaptable it is to various use cases. The myth says Proteus could predict the future too, but we’re still working on that.   

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Tile Slim

The sleek finder for narrow spaces.

We redesigned the Tile Slim to mirror the size and shape of a credit card so it fits perfectly in your wallet, jacket pocket, luggage tag, or anywhere else you have limited space. Plus, Tile Slim has a louder speaker and a longer-lasting battery that’s guaranteed for three years. 

Like Sticker, Slim is also waterproof for summer days at the beach, winter days in the snow, or really anywhere a body of water threatens to pull your things into a wet abyss.

Fun Fact: We used the name “Whippet” as the code name for Tile Slim because of the thin, sleek form factor. Plus, we like dogs.  

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Tile Mate and Tile Pro

The versatile and high-performance finders for all of your things.

Attention Tile newbies: Tile Mate and Tile Pro are both evolved from our original 1st generation Tile. These two finders are small, square, and also feature keyholes for easy attachment. 

This year, we updated both Tiles for enhanced reliability and performance, plus louder volumes and extended ranges. 

Mate works best when paired with your everyday things, like keys, purses, and phones. Pro is the way to go if you need more power, durability, or love a stylish look. It’s perfect for pets, luggage, and so much more. And on top of that, both Tiles come with a 1-year replaceable battery. 

Fun Fact: Our hardware engineers have various Tile Mate and Tile Pro prototypes in metal martini shakers for testing Bluetooth functionality. At least that’s what they told us the martini shakers are used for. 

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Tile Premium

Unlock more finding power.

While Tile Premium is not part of the brand new line-up, you can unlock features like Smart Alerts, 30-day location history, free battery replacements and more to level up your finding power. Start a 30-day free trial.

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