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Tile's bluetooth tracking device is one of the top 5 gifts for Father's Day
June 12, 2015

5 Father's Day Gifts For The Weekend Warrior

During the week, your dad is all business, working hard, the one everyone relies on. But, this guy isn't all work and no play. He also knows how to conquer the weekend. He camps, hikes, bikes, and he doesn't have to exaggerate about the size of the fish that he catches. Seriously, is there anything this guy can't do? Here are 5 cool gifts ideas to get for the weekend warrior this Father's Day.

1. A Cool Backpack

The one thing about Dad is he's always got lots of gear to carry around and protect. Get him a stylish backpack to put all of his stuff in, so his hands are free to do the stuff he does.

2. A Camera To Capture All The Special Moments

It's easy to forget all the special moments you share together. Give Dad a camera for Father's Day, so you can look back on the memories later. Just don't make Dad take all the pictures. Make sure he's in them, too!

3. An Adventure-Focused Bike

Dad already has to do his share of driving during the week. Buy him a bicycle, so his weekends can be full of more adventure and fun.

4. A Smoker For Mouthwatering BBQ

Knowing your Dad, he already has an awesome grill. But, let him expand his grilling capabilities with a smoker. Plus, you will get to enjoy the ribs, chicken, and pork shoulder that he will be smoking on his new toy.

5. The Tile Wallet Tracker

Your dad is always on the go, and because of this, it's easy for him to lose stuff. Get him The Tile App and make it easy to find his missing wallet. He can use The Tile Phone App to find missing keys, the backpack you gave him, the camera, and anything else! This is one gift he will use every day.

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