Essentials Pack

A variety of trackers for your things.


A versatile tracker with a new modern shape, bigger range, and longer lasting battery that keeps track of keys, backpacks and more.


A powerful tracker with a new streamlined shape that hangs better on keys, bags and other important things. 


A thin tracker made to keep track of wallets, passports and notebooks - now with a bigger range. 

Limited Edition

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Performance Pack

Powerful trackers for your keys and wallet.

Starter Pack

Trackers for your keys and wallet.


A small tracker that sticks to and keeps track of remotes, small electronics and more - now with a bigger range, louder ring and longer lasting battery.

Pro + Slim 4-Pack

Powerful trackers for your keys, wallet and more.

Pro (2020)

Performance finder with 400 ft range for your keys

Slim (2020)

Sleek finder with 200 ft range for your wallet 

Performance Pack (2020)

This performance duo sets you up with 1 powerful Pro and 1 thin Slim to help you keep track of your keys and wallet. 

Mate (2020)

Versatile finder with 200 ft range for anything

Combo Packs (2020)

An assortment of finders for keeping track of lots of different things.

Sticker (2020)

The small finder that sticks to anything, like small electronic devices and outdoor gear.