Making more things findable

Tile is built into your favorite brands.

Built-in Tile technology means you can easily keep track of your things, and even more importantly, find them when they’re misplaced. And the Tile app works with Android™ and Apple® devices so everyone can find their stuff.

Find with Tile
Meet the brands and products with built-in Tile technology.

First Dog ID tag powered by Tile

First fitness tracker with built-in Tile

Tune into your mobile life

World’s first laptop with built-in Tile.

Shaping the future of technology.

Deeper dimensions of sound.

Help is here. Meet Google Home.

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

Xfinity connects you to what matters.

Where intuitive design meets superior sound.

Lose yourself — not your luggage.

A collection featuring Tile's compact Bluetooth trackers.

Tune in to what matters.

Engineered to push you forward.

Minimalist, practical tools that keep us powered on the go.

The ultimate key organizer.

Our partner products work just like the Tiles you know and love.

Find nearby

Use the Tile app to find your Tile partner product within Bluetooth range. Or even easier, just ask your Voice Assistant to find it for you.*

Find far away

When outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your partner product’s most recent location on a map. And enlist the help of the Tile Network – every phone running the Tile app and our Network Extenders – to help locate your lost item. They’ll send location updates to your Tile app. Anonymously, of course.**

Tile Premium Plans

Get the most from your Tile-enabled devices.

Subscribe to Premium for Smart Alert notifications which let you know when you leave your partner product behind. If you lose something and Tile can’t find it, you get a $100 reimbursement. Upgrade to Premium Protect, and it goes up to $1000.

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*Tile works with Amazon Alexa Google Assistant Comcast Xfinity and Siri. 
**Tile Network extenders include Amazon Sidewalk Comcast Xfinity and JapanTaxi.

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