Tile + Fitbit

Find your Inspire 2 with Tile

With built-in Tile technology, it's easy to keep track of your Inspire 2 so you never miss a move.

Get started with Tile

How to activate Tile finding power

1. Update your Inspire 2 with the latest software.

2. Download the free Tile app* and follow the activation instructions for the Inspire 2.

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Use Your Voice

The easiest way to find at home

Just ask your Smart Home device to find your Inspire 2.** It will vibrate to let you know where it is.

Upgrade to Tile Premium

Go beyond finding

Premium includes Smart Alerts which will let you know if you leave your Inspire 2 behind.*** Now you'll never lose track of those steps again.

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* Tile app and account required to activate this feature. Not available in all languages.
** Your compatible smartphone running the Tile app in the background needs to be within range of your Inspire 2 for this feature to successfully find your device.
*** Payment is required to access Tile Premium features. Visit Tile Terms of Service for more information.

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