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Your Lost Keys are 1,100 Degrees to the Left


Finding a Firefighter’s Lost Keys: Redefining Hot 'n Cold Location Tracking.    

Where did I leave my keys?  We often lose our keys when we are distracted by something else. It could be a phone call, or something epic.   

Jimmy wrote in a story about how he lost his car keys while he was fighting a fire – WOW.  I could see how that could be a major distraction from an accidental key drop.  Between him & his son, they are associated with the following groups: CERT (community emergency response team), Civil Air Patrol (US Air Force auxiliary), and EMT's (emergency medical techs). They also have Tiles on all of their Pelican cases as well as on all of our critical response equipment.  It gives us great honor to know that someone with so many important things to keep track of can use Tile for peace of mind so that they can focus on their work helping other people.  We are very glad to have Jimmy & his family be part of the Tile Community. 

“On Saturday, March 26th at approximately 10PM, I stopped to fight a commercial vehicle fire parked at a gas station in the city of Montebello, Ca. As I jumped out of the truck to crab the fire extinguishers, I must have kicked my main keys out of the cab. Fortunately the fire was contained and I drove off to attend to a call in Santa Monica, Ca.    

The next day (Easter Sunday) I could not find my main keys for my car. My family was waiting for me at my Mom’s house and I was running late. I called my Son, who assisted with the fire the night before. He drove out to the house to assist me locate the keys. Tile showed the keys on a map at the last location from the night before (Montebello). We drove out to the Chevron gas station and activated the Tile attached to my keys. As I walked in, I could hear my keys ringing. The gas station attendant was surprised to her the alert from the tile.   

He than gave me and my son a big thank you for assisting with the fire the other night and he gave me my keys back.  Another job well done!”    

Thank you,
Jimmy C. Estrada, Santa Monica, CA

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