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Find the Weasel that Stole your Wallet


Usually when your wallet is stolen, it's by a person or you accidentally lost it yourself.  However, this is the first case where the "weasel" who stole your wallet was actually a weasel! As Marcello recounts, Tile can help recover your lost wallet from the depths of the animal kingdom (or a nearby bush).  

"Last week I parked my car on the street below my flat and I dropped my wallet (with a tile in it) while getting out of the car.  The next day the wallet is lost and my tile is out of range. I mark it as lost and yesterday I get notified that the wallet was found two blocks away.

I go to the place and I get signal. I make the tile ring and it leads me to a thick bush. At first I thought a thief stole the money and threw the wallet away (unusual in Switzerland) but then I notice all the money is inside and the leader of the wallet is all chewed up.

"It was a weasel!" 

It was a weasel (we have plenty here in Zurich) who took my wallet. Must have noticed it was not edible and dropped it off in the bush. I would never have found it without the Tile. Thank you"

- Marcello C 
Zurich, Switzerland

Weasel Tile

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