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Wallet Tracker Tile Catches Thief March

Find My Wallet. Wallet Tracker Catches Thief Red Handed


This is the fourth incident we've had in the last few months of a customer using the Tile wallet tracker to get their property back in real time. Let's reflect on this point. People are using their smartphones to prevent crime using a free app on their phones - wow.  We do caution people about approaching someone regarding stolen property from a personal safety standpoint, however, it is amazing to know that we are helping stop crimes as they happen. It's almost like "precrime" in Minority Report, but much better. 

The following testimonial is from a Canadian customer who dropped his wallet exiting a store. He questioned a passerby if they had seen it, and they said "no."  However, Tile the app became the measure of truth, alerting our customer that his lost wallet was a few feet away.  Without Tile, he may have never recovered his stolen wallet ever! 

"I dropped my wallet walking out of a Mountain Equipment Store. I had retraced my steps – it was gone!  At one point it connected! So I homed in on it near a couple of unfortunate-looking folk drinking beers in a bush along the sidewalk. I asked them if they had seen a wallet, and they said “no”.  The couple had started walking away along the sidewalk, and the signal started to fade. I was sure. 

I caught up to them and told them I knew they had my wallet because it had a tracking device, and I decided to offer a reward to have it back. They caved and admitted to taking it."

- Marc R, Calgary, CAN

Also check out this story of James where he used the Tile Wallet Finder to get his wallet back after it fell off his car! 

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