Tips for Going Back to School After the Pandemic

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Tile Tips07.22.2021

After a long year of Zoom trials and hybrid learning tribulations, kids are finally starting to see the insides of real classrooms. However, easing back into (new) normalcy can be worrisome and hectic, especially when it comes to remembering routines, necessities for out-of-house activities, and ways of checking in and communicating. 

Here are some easy back to school tips to help you and your family ease into your new normal.

Plan ahead: Get all the necessary items and school supplies

If your child is getting ready to step back into the classroom, it's important for parents to stock up on the necessary supplies, such as pens, pencils, backpacks, textbooks, house keys, and so on. Make sure you speak with your kids and contact their teachers to learn about what you need to get.

Tile key items and school supplies to avoid losing them

When kids leave the home school environment and start hybrid learning in real classrooms once more, they might need some time to re-adjust, and they could accidentally lose or misplace essential items like their phones or schoolbooks. Adding Tile tags to these priority supplies makes it easy for you to find them, so you won't have to worry about any lost possessions.

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Make sure everything is connected and works correctly

In addition to adding Tile tags to your child's key items, you should also check via the Tile app that everything is connected correctly and test out the Tiles regularly to make sure they work. This way, you can rest assured that if anything does get misplaced, you'll be able to find it in a matter of minutes.

(Re)establishing a school routine after the pandemic

One of the big challenges parents and kids can face when going back to school is establishing or re-establishing a routine that works for everyone. This is especially true when it comes to this new style of hybrid learning, involving study both at home and in class. Here are some tips to help with establishing a routine for going back to school after the pandemic.

Check in with the school to coordinate a schedule that works for you

A good way to start your child's new hybrid learning program is to speak with the school and get their input. Find out what the school's plans and schedule will be like and try to adapt to that in ways that allow your child to make the most of every learning opportunity.

Stay flexible for back to school days

You'll need to be flexible and adaptable in the early days when your child goes back to school, and parents have to be available to pick up their children, help with homework, and so on. Try to manage your own time more effectively so that you're ready for your child when needed.

Be ready for nerves and worries for going back to school

It's perfectly normal to have some nerves and worries when your child moves away from e-learning and into a new kind of hybrid learning. Plenty of parents are feeling the same thing. Find your own ways to de-stress, like talking to teachers and fellow parents or enjoying hobbies like exercise and yoga.

Set aside some fun time with the family

Your new schooling schedule should also include some downtime. Everyone needs a break from work and study now and then, and it's important to have quality time together as a family. Try to find time each day to chat with one another and do things you love.

Checking in: when to check in with your kids

This is perhaps the most crucial tip to help prepare your kids for post-pandemic school routines. This last year has been an upheaval for kids and parents alike and although there is comfort in returning to normalcy, many young people will still be struggling with their mental health because of the pandemic. It's important for adults – parents, teachers, coaches – to be aware of this and be ready to check in with their kids, the kids they are responsible for, as well as other people in their social circles, to offer support and comfort when needed. 

Checking in with your child 

It's important to check in with your child on a regular cadence and find out how they're feeling about going back to school or how they're coping with systems of e-learning and hybrid learning. They might have questions and worries they've been bottling up.

Checking in with other parents and friends 

As stated earlier on, other parents you know might be worried about their kids and other aspects of life caused by the pandemic. Check in with those you know and care about to share your concerns. This can help people on both sides of the conversation feel less alone and more supported.

Checking in with yourself

Don't forget your own mental health during all of this, too. The pandemic has taken a real mental toll across the population, with many people feeling scared, lonely, confused, and so on. Take time for your own emotions and do what you need to do to feel at ease, as well.

This new school year will be thrilling, joyful, bittersweet, and busy but these going back to school tips can help ease that transition and make your new normal at school successful! 

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