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Tile's Smart School Essentials


Every fall, millions of students flock back to school, ready to start another year of learning. Here at Tile, we know that prepping for the coming school year can be both chaotic and exciting. Luckily, Tile has your back! We’ve compiled a list to make shopping for this school year both easy and smart. Happy shopping!

1. Decomposition notebook

Decomposition Notebook

Tile loves the environment (we're 99.9% recyclable!), so we can't get enough of these notebooks that are made out of 100% post-consumer waste recycled pages. Take notes in style by choosing from a large selection of designs and colors, all sure to keep students on the top of their game in class.

2. Mophie juice pack power case

Mophie Final

This case keeps you connected 100% of the time. Make sure that you stay in touch whenever necessary by sticking this rechargeable phone case on your device.

3. My Passport Ultra external hard drive

My Ultra New Passport

While you can't put a Tile on your data, you can back it up so you never lose it again. An external hard drive makes sure all important files are backed-up and saved so that if a computer ever crashes, the information stored inside will remain safe and in-tact.

4. Bkr water bottle

Bkr Water Bottle

Stay happy and healthy with Bkr's BPA free water bottles. Whether acing a test or getting through a grueling sports practice, these water-bottles are top-grade when it comes to durability. This water bottle is the way to go for staying hydrated and withstanding the wear-and-tear of any student’s busy day.

5. ZIPIT monster jumbo pencil case

Zipit Monster Pencil Case - new

Easily the cutest thing in a student’s backpack, this pencil case is both adorable and practical. Keep all essential school supplies within arm’s reach by carrying this fun friend along throughout the day.

6. Built Neoprene lunch bag

Built Neoprene Lunch

With this insulated lunch bag, you’ll never have to pack a brown-paper-bag lunch again! With stylish options for both adults and kids, these bags are a one-stop-shop for any person’s food needs.

7. Poketo planner

Poketo Planner

Busy days can’t manage themselves. This planner will help keep hectic schedules straight be it for planning play dates, homework time, errands, or music lessons - the list goes on!

8. Cocoon Recess backpack

Cocoon Recess Backpack

Backpacks are always a huge must for the school year. This pack from Cocoon is especially great because it’s grid of compartments will keep even the most disorganized person’s backpack picture-perfect, so stuff can be found quickly and easily.

9. Snack shaped thumb drive

Pizza Thumb Drive

Essentially a keychain for your laptop, these thumb drives are both cute and functional. Save your documents on this so that precious hours of writing, programming, or music will never be lost.

10. Tile

Tile Phone

With so many valuable things to keep track of this school year, make sure that you get Tile! Tile will erase the word “lost” from your vocabulary. Attach it to anything and have an easy, organized, and worry-free year knowing that all valuables (both sentimental and monetary) are accounted for!

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