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We hear all the time that "you" never lose your keys, but you know someone that does. In addition to pointing the finger at a spouse or best friend, it's very likely that you have had to valet your car and they had trouble locating your keys. This is a perfect use case for Tile.  We have had several members note that a valet has lost or mislabeled their keys.  In that moment of panic, one could conclude that your car was mistakenly given away to a lucky person, or that your keys are just somewhere in the mix.  In the following tale from the Tile Community, Kelly was able to help the valet locate her car, and get back to her day just a little bit faster. 

"I never anticipated this use for my Tile but I did valet park at a restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland and when I went to retrieve my car, the valet parking attendants were taking a rather long time to bring the car.  Overhearing them calling each other over their devices, I knew that they had misplaced my keys.  Tile to the rescue!  I played the 'Find' sound and in the depths of the key rack, they found my keys mistagged."

- Kelly D, Maryland 

If you find yourself ever faced with this dilemma, we hope that this simple lifehack can help save you and the valet some anxiety. 

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