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September 20, 2016

Tile to the rescue: Three real-life Tile finds

John and the pickpocket.

While on vacation in Barcelona, John boarded a busy metro to go pick his daughter up from camp during rush hour. Standing in the crowded car, John had the sudden thought that this would be an ideal locale for a pickpocket. The thought made him reach back for his wallet, and sure enough, it was missing.  

No one on his train seemed to be in a big hurry to leave at the next stop, so he was sure that his thief must be long gone. John’s wife quickly reminded him that he had a Tile on his wallet and immediately checked the app to see the last place he had it. 

When he opened the app he saw that his Tile was in range. He tapped the find button, and honed in on someone rifling through a bag trying to locate the source of the noise. When John got to them, he simply asked for his wallet from the thief, and he handed it over. 

“It worked like a charm. Thanks again for making such a great product.”  

Marina and the teddy bear.  

Upon returning home from a family dinner, Marina noticed that her daughter’s favorite stuffed teddy bear was missing. Because this tends to happen a lot, she tied a Tile around the teddy’s neck for occasions just like this. 

She opened the Tile app to see the last place she had the bear and it was showing up at the restaurant where they just ate. She quickly called the restaurant but they couldn’t track it down. At this point, Marina selected “Notify When Found” in the app and started looking for a replacement bear.  

The next day she got a notification that the bear was actually at the restaurant next door. It had fallen out of the car when they were leaving and someone had returned it to the wrong restaurant. When someone running the app came in to eat, they updated the teddy’s location and automatically sent Marina a notification.  

“Tile saved the day!  It helped us find something that is important and irreplaceable to our daughter."  

Tony and jacket….and the passport.  

At a large Kentucky Derby party in Denver Colorado, Tony got a little carried away and left his favorite sport coat behind when the night came to an end. The loss of the sport coat alone would have been hard to swallow, but Tony also had his passport and car keys tucked into the inside pocket - a huge pain to replace. 

The next morning he went back to the hotel where he was celebrating the day before but they couldn’t find it. 

Luckily he had a Tile attached to his keys. He marked them as lost and the next day he got a notification letting him know his keys, were at the bar across the street. When he went to pick them up, he found his coat and his passport made it there as well. 

“My conclusion is that someone from the hotel accidentally took it to the bar next door, and then left it there. Fortunately the Tile was strong enough to broadcast to a community member walking by outside the restaurant even though it was closed. I figured this investment of $25 saved me $1500 when factoring in my car key, a fairly expensive blazer, and my passport." 

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