Tile Employees Made a List of Things They’ve Put Tile Trackers On 

Ever wonder what else you can put a Tile on besides your keys? Us too! We asked Tile employees to make a list of things they've put a Tile Bluetooth Tracker on- and some of the use cases are pretty crafty. 

If you’re new to Tile- welcome! Tile is a small portable Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to almost anything- keys, phones, wallet, laptops, backpacks, tablets, pet gear- you name it. We offer different sizes and forms of trackers to suit all your varying needs. And yes, you need them. Browse our different Bluetooth trackers and key fobs here. We even offer combo packs if you can’t decide on just one. And as you'll see below, you can use each Tile in the same way or more than one way, it's completely up to you and what best fits your lifestyle.

Things Employees Use Tile Mate (the Classic Finder) For:

  • Golf bag

  • Dogs and cats around the yard (attach Tile Mate on collars)

  • In my car, so that I never forget where it's parked 

  • Keychain with important keys (house keys, apartment keys, mailbox keys)

  • Inside our child’s favorite stuffed toy so we can find it around the house and in the toy box

  • Toiletries bag while traveling and I also throw one in each luggage and travel bag

  • One in each of my purses and handbags, I also have Tile Premium Protect for reimbursement purposes in case they are lost or stolen

  • Pet items like leashes, harnesses, collars, toys etc.

  • Water bottles and tumblers like Hydro Flask and Yeti 

  • Arts and craft boxes

  • Hiking bag and backpack 

  • Makeup bag

  • Jewellery boxes 

  • Shed keys

  • In storage bins for seasonal or holiday decorations

The Powerful and Durable Tile Pro is Best For:

  • Hiking backpack

  • Luggage

  • Camping gear (tents, sleeping bags, stove)

  • First aid kit

  • Fishing gear, like bait and tackle boxes and fishing rods

  • Cat, Pro has the longest range so I can ring her from my neighbor's yard 

  • Pet training (dog would follow the sound to the backyard and know his potty time)

  • Car, I put a Tile Pro inside of the hood with adhesive in case it's stolen or just can't find it in a parking lot

  • Portable generator

  • Golf clubs (when traveling)

  • Umbrellas

Our Thinnest Bluetooth Tracker Tile Slim is Used to Find:

  • Wallets and card cases 

  • Passports 

  • Portable battery pack attached with a Slim adhesive for a long day at Disneyland or other adventures!

  • My son's boxes of valuable Magic The Gathering cards (and others, like Pokemon cards or even a box of Tarot cards)

  • Kindle

  • Inside the flap of my book cover. A great way to track library books and even any expensive books like college textbooks, first editions etc. 

  • Stuck on the top of laptops and tablets with the Slim adhesive. I prefer the thin form factor for these things so I can easily slide them back into their cases for storage.  

  • Inside folders with important documents, like work visa, birth certificate, marriage certificates, car titles, you get it)

  • Luggage, attached on the lining inside or slipped inside a luggage tag

  • Inside the flap of my check book since we rarely use them anymore but sometimes still need!

  • Mailed in an expensive package to track (christmas gifts, birthday gifts etc.) 

The Smallest and Arguably Most Versatile Tracker, Tile Sticker:

  • DSLR Cameras- stick one on lens caps for additional camera lenses you may have

  • USB stick, Hard-drive, SSD

  • Charging cables and charging ports, wall charging block and power adapters

  • Sunglasses box or standard eye glasses case, stick one inside or outside

  • Water bottles and tumblers 

  • Favorite mug  

  • Invisalign case or any retainer case, Tile also has an embedded partnership with Smile Direct Club

  • Bikes (stuck under seat), and scooters

  • TV Remotes and other household remotes 

  • Dyson vacuum, space heaters, their tiny remotes 

  • AirPods case and any other headphones or cases you may have lying around 

  • Motorcycle helmet and bicycle helmet

  • On my motorcycle itself, lights, gloves

  • Bluetooth headset

  • Amazon Kindle and other e-reading devices like iPads 

  • Thermometers

  • Stuck on outside of luggage

  • Oculus headset, other AR or VR headsets  

  • Video game controllers 

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • Office things that get easily misplaced, like staplers

  • Slippers like Crocs

  • Swimming goggles case

  • Sony WF-1000XM3 Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds

  • A sticker on musical instruments to locate them when travelling

  • Toolbox and other tools like a drill. I put a Tile Sticker on our electric screwdriver, my husband would leave it wherever he finished using it last, then search all over the house when we need it again!

  • Ice chests and other portable coolers

  • Folding chairs

  • Binoculars

  • I put a Sticker on all my outdoor/water activities things like frisbee, surfboard, paddles, fins, snorkel gear, lighters, camping (flashlight)

  • Makeup artist kit or makeup bag; artist kits are stolen often so a Sticker is great to have!

  • Hair tools like curling iron, blow dryer, straightener. Good to have so you can track when travelling in case you leave something in a hotel room or Airbnb.

And that's a wrap! What are some other things you think Tile would be good for? We'd love to hear- follow us on Twitter @TheTileApp and on Instagram @Tile and be sure to let us know what you use your Tile trackers for.

Happy Tiling!