Apps and Devices That Help Find Your Phone

By: Tile

How many times a day do you need to find your phone? Sometimes it’s in the kitchen, sometimes it’s somewhere underneath all those sheets and blankets. Other times your lost phone has been forgotten in the car! Wherever it may be, here are the top apps that will help you find your lost phone. 

1. Find My Phone With Tile 

The Tile App isn’t just handy for finding lost items around you, there are several features that help make your day easier. One of them is the find my phone feature, which is super easy to use. Simply double press the Tile button on any of your activated Tile Bluetooth trackers, and the Tile App will ring your phone if it’s nearby - even if it’s on silent! 

The find my phone feature works for both Android and Apple® devices. 

2. Find My Android Phone With Google 

If you have an active Android phone, you can use the accompanying Google app called Find My Device to find your Android phone. First, you need to make sure this feature is enabled, and second, you need to make sure Google location services are also enabled. Obviously this needs to be done before the phone is lost, but you already knew that. To find your lost Android phone, simply login to the app and select your device. Once your phone is located, you can remotely find, lock, or erase your phone.