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Three ways that dad saved the day


Dads give the best advice. So, in honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d share a few cool, creative ways we’ve seen dads use Tile, so you too can spend less time searching and more time focusing on the things that matter.

Racing to the track meet:

Joe woke up early on Saturday morning so he could go to the gym before driving his daughter to an indoor track meet a few hours away. As he was getting everything ready to go, Joe couldn’t seem to find his wallet. This was a big problem: without his wallet, which held his driver’s license and bank cards, there was no way he could drive his daughter to the meet.

He remembered having it the night before, when he took his daughter to the movies, so he decided to call the theater to see if anyone had picked it up. Sadly, nothing had been found.

Thankfully, he had a Tile in his wallet! Even though he hadn’t been running the Tile app when he lost it, he thought he might be able to find it with the app if he retraced his steps at the theater. When he arrived, he was able to connect to his Tile, and, after some searching, the wallet turned up. (In the women's restroom of all places!)

Joe and his daughter made it to the meet with time to spare.

Keeping track of the glucose monitor:

Michael’s 12-year-old son has Type 1 juvenile diabetes, and while his parents do a tremendous job of managing his condition, there are a lot of little things to keep track of.

Recently, Michael’s son’s blood glucose testing unit was lost at his grandparents. And though they always have a back-up, relying on one unit was really inconvenient.

Fortunately, Michael had thought ahead. He had placed Tiles on both of the testing units, and they were able to locate the missing tester eleven days later in the back of Grandma’s car.

Keys lost hundreds of miles away? Dad can still help:

Paul’s son had taken his dad’s truck to go for a hike in the mountains a few hundred miles from their house and had lost the keys in the deep fresh show. When his son called in total distress, Paul remembered that he had a Tile on those keys. He knew he couldn’t make them ring from so far away, but he thought he might be able to help out his son by sharing the Tile with him through the app.

Paul opened his app and shared the truck key’s Tile with his son’s account. Then, his son was able to connect to the keys, make them ring and find them in seconds (just inches away from where he’s spent the last hour searching.)

Tile makes a great gift for any dad.

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