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Tile Style on keychain
January 3, 2018

The holiday cheer that lasts all year

All too often the magic of our holiday presents fade as soon as the wrapping paper has cleared and the last of the Christmas ham has been sliced away into late-night snacks. We simply go on with our regular routines and forget about most of the gifts we received. Sometimes, however, those gifts prove to be pretty useful when you least expect it. This is exactly what happened with Susan and her Tile.

It had been eight months since Susan had received Tile for her keys as a Christmas gift from her nephew, and being a relatively organized person, she hadn’t misplaced them once since December. That streak ended when, while making a quick stop at a friend’s house, she accidently dropped them into a large garbage can after picking up some little that had blown onto the lawn.

After socializing for a little while, Susan got up to leave but realized that she couldn’t find her car keys. She dumped out her purse, retraced her steps, and turned her car inside out looking for them, but came up empty handed.

A bit defeated, she asked her friend for a ride back home where she picked up her extra set of keys and her iPad which had the Tile app on it. When she got back to her friends house, her key’s Tile was showing up in range, but she still couldn’t hear them. Then she remembered the trash can,

“When I lifted the lid we heard the Tile beeping! Right on top, but my original (new) Subaru key would have gone to the dump if not for the Tile. Many thanks for saving me a replacement cost of well over $300!”

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