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September 12, 2018

Now Siri can help Tile find your stuff

First previewed at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Tile’s newest feature lets you use Siri Shortcuts* to find your things. Running out the door for work but can’t find your keys? Ask Siri to ring them. Going out with friends but don’t know where your wallet is? Ask Siri for help.

Can’t wait to try it? Here’s how to set up Siri Shortcuts for Tile.

1. Open the Tile app and choose a Tile you’d like to use with Siri Shortcuts.

2. Choose Siri on the options screen.

3. Record a short phrase such as “Find my keys.”

4. Use this phrase anytime you want Siri to help find your things.

HomePod and CarPlay users can also access the Siri Shortcuts once they’re set it up.

Now finding your things is as easy as asking Siri.

*To use Siri Shortcuts with Tile, you need iOS 12 and Tile app version 2.37.1.

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