Find Your Purse in a Pinch with a Purse Tracker

By: Tile
Tile Tips03.15.2021

Why You Need a Purse Tracker

For those of us who carry around a purse regularly, it no secret that our purses quickly become the number one place to store just about every essential item we own. From credit cards to smartphones, purses often contain a lot of valuables and personal information. To avoid losing all your important belongings, consider using a Bluetooth tracker on your purse. With Tile's purse tracker, you can easily locate a missing purse or get a lead on the location of your stolen bag.

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How Tile's Purse Tracker Works

Do you regularly rush out the door for work without realizing your purse is still at home? No matter how careful you are, it can be extremely easy to leave a handbag behind. Since purses often contain high-priced items, they are also a target for thieves. You set your bag down at a restaurant, and the next time you turn around, it's gone missing! Roughly 1,000 purses and wallets are stolen every two minutes in just the U.S., and just under 29% of stolen property is ever recovered.

If you don't want to join these concerning statistics, invest in a find my purse tracker from Tile. Start by picking a tracker like the Tile Mate and either sliding it inside a purse pocket or looping it around a purse handle. Next, download the free Tile app on your Android or iPhone, and sync the tracker to your app. Once you do this, the tracker will send tracking data to your phone continuously.

Any time your purse goes missing, open the app and see if the tracker is in range of your phone. When your purse is somewhere in the house but you just can't locate it, tap "Find" from the Tile app. Your purse tracker will start ringing, and then it's easy to follow the sound to wherever your purse has ended up.

When your purse goes out of range, Tile will share the last known location. This makes it easy to see whether you left your purse at work, at a friend's, or at a restaurant. In the unfortunate event of a purse theft, turn to the Tile Network. To do this, mark your item as lost and ask our find my purse app to notify you when it is found. All Tile-connected devices will anonymously scan for your purse and update your bag's location if they run into it.

Protect Your Purse With Tile Premium

To get even more assistance from our find my purse app, try Tile Premium. This optional subscription provides all of Tile's regular features along with a few extra perks. Tile Premium gives you all sorts of helpful things like a free battery replacement each year and an extended warranty. It also comes with some services that reduce the number of times you complain, "I can't find my purse!"

For most purse users, the big benefit of Tile Premium is its Smart Alert system. The Smart Alert sends you a notification any time your item leaves Bluetooth range. So, if you leave a coffee shop without your purse, a Smart Alert will let you know right away. This can be especially helpful when you leave in the morning since Smart Alerts can ensure you don't forget a purse filled with notes for a meeting or files for work.

Another helpful option from Tile Premium is its extended location history. Instead of just seeing the last known location of your purse, Tile Premium will show you everywhere your purse has been in the last 30 days. This makes it way easier to retrace your steps and see if you left your bag at your favorite park bench or in your office's break room.

If your bag still isn't showing up, the Unlimited Sharing feature from Tile Premium will come in handy. This allows you to send your Tile's information directly to any friends or family members who download our free app. They can then scan for your purse tracker and ring it if it's nearby. It can be a great way to have your partner reassure you that your missing bag is at home, or Unlimited Sharing can help your friend find your purse in their car.

Tile's Bluetooth trackers come in several convenient forms. Pick the right tracker for your purse by browsing all the stylish options on our website. Once you start using Tile, don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more helpful tips!