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Nothing to lose

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Your Bose SoundSport wireless headphones come with built-in Tile finding power. Now you don’t have to waste time sweating lost headphones. You can just focus on cruising through your workout with a favorite playlist.

Use the Tile app to help you find your SoundSport faster.

Make your SoundSport ring

If your headphones are in range, tap the “Find” button to make them ring. (The ringing slowly comes up to full volume so it might take a little time before you hear it.) See when you’re getting closer to your SoundSport with our proximity meter.

See its location on a map

If your SoundSport is far away, tap on the map to get its last known location.

Share it with a friend

Let a friend help you find your SoundSport by choosing “Share” and adding their name.

Activate a search party

If you need help finding, keep the Tile app running in the background and tap “Notify when found.” Tile connects you to the world’s largest lost-and-found community so everyone using the app within range of your SoundSport automatically updates its location for you.

For more information about activating Tile on your headphones, visit our Help Center page


Go Premium

Finding with Tile is free, and you can upgrade to Tile Premium for even more finding power.  Learn more

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