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Lost Epipen Finder Allergy Tech

Tile Finds Lost EpiPen: Food Allergy Apps


Any parent who has a child with a food allergy knows that having an EpiPen close by can provide peace of mind. In addition to being a lifesaving device, the cost to replace an EpiPen can be around $380.  Even getting one back that was misplaced can really help a family on a budget. 

Craig's son is allergic to peanuts, gluten, dairy, and several kinds of nuts.  It turns out that they had placed a Tile on the EpiPen in his allergy bag just incase it ever was lost.  After a long practice on the baseball field, it was left behind. This was one of those large parks with 8 baseball fields with tons of teams moving in and out. Luckily they had a backup EpiPen. They marked it as lost, and within a few days they got a ping from a community member that it was found! 

"It was found by the community a few days later on the other side of the city and then came into range at the park on the following Saturday at his next game."

Our guess is that another parent had taken it by mistake. Either way, they were able to get it back, saving money, and proving great peace of mind for his family.  They told me that additionally it also had his rescue asthma inhaler in the bag. 

If you or another family you know someone with food allergies, let them know about Tile for keeping track of their EpiPen or other medical devices. While Tile is not a real time GPS device, it can help provide you peace of mind while traveling or simply moving through your day.  You can find our more about Tile here.  Whether you are keeping track of an EpiPen, or you tend to misplace your wallet, we'd love to help save you time and money.

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