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How to use Tile’s Last Place Seen


We get it. It happens to everybody. You drop something important, leave something at the office, leave something on the roof of your car and drive off and you don’t notice until it’s too late to retrace your steps. Of course the first question we all ask is, “Where did I have it last?”

With Tile, you need only to open up the app to find out the answer. The Tile app automatically remembers the last place you left your Tile, saving you a lot of time and peace of mind. Here is a real-life example of how one Tile user got his wallet back using Last Place Seen.

After a long arduous move in the bitter cold of the American Northeast, Eric starts thinking about dinner and realizes that he doesn’t have his wallet. This was even worse considering that he was leaving the country in two days for more than a month.

Having recently received a Tile Slim for his wallet for Christmas, he thought he’d give it a shot.

Eric opened the app and saw that the last place he had his wallet was on an interstate highway between VA and DC. He had ridden across that section of highway on his scooter (burrr) earlier that day and his wallet must have fallen out of his wallet.

Because the location was a little dark and dangerous, he decided to come back the next day when it was a little brighter out. At first it wasn’t looking good, he found his wallet, but the contents were gone.  But, as he continued to walk he started to see his credit cards and eventually the Tile, which, in his words, “looked like it had just gone through 12 rounds with Mike Tyson (back when he was in his prime).” However, when he picked up the Tile and double pressed the button, his phone began to ring.

If you’d like a little help the next time your wallet goes missing, pick up a Tile Slim.

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