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October 30, 2017

How to ring your lost things with Tile.

Of all the ways you can use Tile to find your things, by far the most popular is ringing it. Trying to get out the door and don’t remember where you left your keys? Ring your Tile. Forgot which pair of pants you left your wallet in? Ring your Tile. Not sure where your remote wandered off to? You know what to do.

But sometimes being able to ring your things can actually save you a lot of pain and discomfort, which is exactly what happened to Tile user Tony D when he lost his car keys outside in the snow.

“I was stranded this morning in a snowstorm and there was a wind chill factor of negative 15 below. I couldn't find my keys and started to panic. I locked myself out of my van and needed to be at the airport soon...Then I remembered I had a Tile on my key ring.

I started ringin it and it led me to the top of a mountain of snow and there my keys were! I would have never found it without my Tile. Thanks TILE!”

Tony D

Youngstown, Ohio.

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