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Lost and Found Glucose Monitor

How to find your glucose monitor


Lost or misplaced medical devices can be costly, but also life threatening. Diabetics tell us all the time they use Tile to keep track of their glucose meters so they are never out of reach.  It's peace of mind knowing you have your glucose meter while traveling or that you can find it fast when it matters.  Tile is a great tracking device for a lost glucose monitor.  For those of you who have never heard of Tile, it's a small Bluetooth tracker that can work with our app to make an object "ring" loudly when you need to find it.  It's a free app and the Tile itself starts at $25. 

Lynda, a Tile user, lost her glucose meter while she was running errands, and she marked it as lost in the app.  A few days later another Tiler found it through our community find network, and she was able to get it back fast!  

"I am an insulin dependent diabetic and rely on my continuous glucose monitor to tell me what my blood glucose is as well as if it is rising, falling, or dangerously low, especially at night.  I lost my monitor 10 days ago while I was out running errands.  After searching my car and home, and calling the businesses I’d visited, I activated the search mode on the tile attached to it.  A couple of days later, thinking it was lost forever, I initiated the process of getting a new monitor which I doubted would be covered by my medical insurance.  Today, I received notice that my “tile” had been found at one of the stores I’d visited.  Thank you tile!! "
-Lynda N

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