How To Find Lost Keys At Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.04.2021

One of the most frustrating things about keys is how they always go missing right when you need them. Want to be on time for an important date? Need work equipment out of your car right this second? That's always when your car keys seem to wander off.

The next time your keys go missing, don't start running around frantically and pulling out your hair. Just use our guide and you’ll know how to find lost keys at home--with Tile!

Common Places to Lose Keys at Home

Of course, one of the most basic recommendations on how to find lost car keys at home is simply to return to the place you last left them. Don't remember where that is? There are a few common places where people often lose keys at home.

Before sending yourself on a wild goose chase, start your search by checking where your keys are usually supposed to be. (No really, check again!) Keys are often small enough to get overlooked. Many of us have spent plenty of time searching high and low for our keys before realizing they were actually hanging on or by their usual hook the whole time!

Next, look around the places where you usually use your keys. There's always a chance you left them hanging in your doorknob or sitting in your car ignition.

When your keys aren't in these straightforward places, it's time to start thinking of spots you might have absentmindedly left them. Look under papers, counters, inside coat pockets, on bedside tables or in their drawers, and in laundry hampers. You might have left your car keys on a high shelf, under a grocery bag, or somewhere else that isn't in plain sight. Check near these spots to see if your keys might have slid behind a shelf or fallen into a shoe.

If anyone lives at home besides you, things will probably a bit trickier. Pets and kids tend to grab keys and wander away with them, leaving them in some of the most random spots at home. A playful pup can easily grab a pair of keys and drag them to a hiding spot under the couch. If you've got a curious toddler, your keys might end up shoved in the refrigerator or tucked inside a toy truck.

To emphasize how creative you should get when dealing with pups and little ones, we’ve included a list of the craziest spots we've heard of keys turning up over the years:

  • Hanging from a potted plant
  • Inside a pillowcase
  • In the toilet bowl / plumbing
  • Down the drain
  • In the dog food bowl
  • Hanging in the closet
  • Inside a jar of peanut butter
  • Buried in the backyard
  • Packed away in a toy suitcase
  • In a shoe

Ultimately, there are millions of spots where you can lose keys in your home, so it certainly wouldn’t hurt to get a little help finding things when they’re lost

How Tile Finds Keys Lost in Your Home

With all the potential spots keys might go missing, you can end up spending hours searching your home for lost keys. Interested in saving time and avoiding stress? Tile Bluetooth key trackers make everything way easier!

Taking a couple of seconds to install a Tile key tracker can save you hours spent learning how to find lost keys in the home. If you have a single key, stick a Tile Sticker on the key to keep track of it. Got a whole key ring full of keys? Loop a Tile Mate on the ring. All of our trackers are lightweight and petite and have a long-lasting battery. Until you lose your keys, you can go months without even thinking about the tracker.

Then, when your keys do inevitably disappear, Tile is here to help. You just need to follow these steps for how to find lost car keys at home:

1.     Open the Tile app on your phone.

2.     Walk through your house until the tracker is in range (if it isn't already).

3.     Tap "Find" to make your car key tracker ring.

4.     Listen for the ring inside your house.

5.     Follow the sound to pinpoint your car keys inside your home.

The Tile method for how to find lost car keys at home makes all the frustration of lost keys a thing of the past. You don't have to panic when you're running late or waste time digging between couch cushions. Instead, you can figure out exactly where the keys you lost at home went.

Are you tired of losing your keys at home? Use the Tile Help Center to decide which Tile is right for tracking your keys. Whichever Tile you pick, you'll find that searching for lost keys is a breeze. You can also get more great tips on finding keys with Tile by following our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.