Your Guide to Becoming More Organized at Work and Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.20.2021

What Does Being More Organized Mean to You?

Being more organized can save you time, help you work more efficiently, and reduce stress in your life. Learning how to be more organized doesn't necessarily have to mean hours spent sorting items into custom-labeled bins. It's actually possible to get organized with just a few simple changes. Whether you're new to organizing or already a pro, this guide will help you upgrade your organizational skills.

Organization Tips at Home

Is your home in complete chaos, making it hard for you to find anything? Don't worry; no matter how messy you are, it's possible to get things organized. Tackle the clutter head-on with storage baskets. Having storage spots for items near the place where you use the item will keep clutter from building up on tables, floors, and countertops. Just taking five minutes each day to pick up the house will keep messes from piling up.

Once you tackle the basics of organizing your home, it's time to get serious. Set aside a free weekend and tackle all the little issues that are still bugging you. Free up space by sorting your belongings into things to keep, things to store, and things to throw away. Once you cut back on nonessential belongings, look for shelves, jars, cabinets, and other creative ways of tidily storing your items.

Are you looking at all these tips, rolling your eyes, and thinking, "Been there, done that?" Even if you're an organizational guru, there's always room for improvement. Go pro by creating custom racks, hooks, and drawer organizers for your home's cabinets and closets. Take a tip from office organizers and use files to sort and store all your appliance manuals, home warranties, tax forms, and other paper documents.

Organization Tips at Work

Keeping things organized at work is a bit trickier, but it's still possible. Tired of all your colleagues joking about your mess? Start getting things arranged a little better by creating a centralized to-do list that keeps you from forgetting major things. Invest in a few paper holders, pencil cups, and other desk accessories to keep clutter under control.

After doing basic organization, it's time to streamline your work process to help you get more done in the workday. In the digital age, a lot of workplace clutter is actually electronic. Set aside a little time each day to clear out your email inbox, and try to create a file naming system that makes it easy to find documents.

Even if you already have a reputation around the workplace for being a neat freak, there's always room for improvement. Consider finding email management software to automatically sort your messages and bring attention to important documents. Try tracking your time in-depth so that you can identify ways to make common tasks more efficient.

How Tile Keeps You Organized

Cut down on stress and confusion by adding a Tile Bluetooth tracker to items you lose regularly. If you've never tried one of our Tiles before, we'd suggest starting out with a key, wallet, or phone tracker. Since these items are the most commonly lost personal belongings, adding a tracker will instantly make it easier to get your life together. Any time something goes missing, Tile makes it easy to find out where you left the item. All you have to do is get within Bluetooth range and ring your Tile to find your lost belongings.

Once you've managed to get your home and work into a basic state of organization, start thinking about any other disruptions to your routine. Do you find yourself having to stop in the middle of an important project because you can't find your charger? Are you wasting time after a grocery shopping trip because you forgot where you parked your car? There are all sorts of creative ways to streamline your life with Tile trackers.

If you've already been using Tile for a while, it might be time to go beyond basic tracking. Upgrading to Tile Premium is the ultimate way to coordinate your life. This service gives you alerts when you leave items behind, and it maintains a 30-day
location history as well. With free battery replacements, you never end up absentmindedly forgetting to handle basic maintenance.

With these tips, you can banish clutter and say goodbye to wasting time. Tile makes it easy to know where important belongings are at any time. Share how Tile has helped you get organized on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.