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Find Your Child's Lost Coat


Jaime brought her kids to the Children's Museum in Halifax (UK).  The Eureka Museum in West Yorkshire, enables kids to roam free & explore science with a hands on approach.  And as any parent can attest to, this means lots of climbing, running around, and ultimately things being left behind at one of their 6 zones.  Their daughter left her coat behind at the museum – it was her favorite. 

Despite a few calls back to the museum, and a few hunts around the house, her jacket was nowhere to be found.  However, since they had a Tile attached to her lost coat, the Tile network was able to help her parents find it in 12 days.  They were able to recover her coat & Tile saved the day.  Tile is a must have item for parents who need to keep track of their child's favorite things. Kids always tend to leave things behind, and it's nice to not have to buy a replacement coat if they are lost or misplaced.  

" We visited the children’s Museum Eureka in Halifax, UK. Several days later she asked me where our daughters favourite coat was and it was nowhere to be found, we knew there was a Tile inside it, but it was not at my parents house nor was it in our house, or any of our cars. We did phone the children’s Museum but they assured us it wasn’t there. 12 days later I got a ping from another Tile user to say that it actually was there and we were able to go back and make it ring until I found it in all of their lost property. Now my daughter has her favorite coat back. " 

- Jaime L, UK 

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