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May 16, 2016

Everyday Tile- How we use Tile at HQ

As the world’s largest lost and found, we hear some incredible ways people are using Tile every day to find their lost and misplaced stuff — and it’s incredibly inspiring! We are always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to use Tile, so we recently polled the office to see what our everyday Tile use looked like.

The following are just two of the Tile team’s every day carries:


Madison's Carry

Graphic Designer at Tile. 
Rock climber, doodler, SoundCloud power user. 

Everyday Tile: 
Camelback backpack.  
Metolius chalk bag.

"I really do use my Tiles every day to keep track of my stuff. I have a big commute, and without Tile, I wouldn’t have the extra time I need to get to the gym. Climbing really balances me out and helps me decompress. It also helps me think about problems in a new and creative ways. 

I Tile my chalk bag for a few reasons:
One —  when I go to the gym there are a bunch of times when it’s not actually strapped to me. I usually set it down while I’m climbing. Tons of people do this and I’ve seen other bags walk away before.
Two — I am constantly throwing my gear in different bags, and sometimes the chalk doesn’t make the transfer and I have to find it around the house.


Content Marketing Manager at Tile  
Cyclist, jiu jitsu player, Spotify diehard  

Everyday Tile: 
Patagonia backpack
Timbuk2 saddle bag .  
Shock Doctor mouthguard.

"I ride my bike 26.3 miles to work every day. I usually wake up before the sun comes up, and I have about 30 minutes to get out the door so I can make it to the office in time for my first meeting.

Starting the day with a ride gives me a chance to warm up to the day. By the time I get to the office, my mind is fresh and ready to tell some awesome stories.

I cannot tell you how many times I have used Tile to find my phone in this morning scramble, saving me time and letting me ride in without stressing about time. 

After work, I go to a jiu jitsu academy halfway between the office and my house. I always check my listview on my way out of the office to make sure my mouthguard is with me

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