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Jacket Blog
August 16, 2016

Back to school tricks from the Tile community

As a parent, the start of a school year can be such a busy time. Keeping track of a new schedule can be hard enough, not to mention all of the little things that can go missing along the way.  

To help you get some inspiration for how Tile can help you this year, here are two real-life stories from parents in the Tile community: 

Jaime, UK 

When Jaime brought her family to the Children’s Museum - Eureka! in Halifax UK, she knew they’d be in for a day of running, climbing, and exploring in the interactive, hands-on exhibits. She also knew that with all the roaming they were doing, the chances of leaving something behind was pretty high.  Jaime decided to get proactive and put Tiles on everything they might lose on their adventure. 

One should never doubt a mother’s intuition — by the time they left, Jaime realized that her daughter’s favorite coat was nowhere to be found. The museum didn’t have it in their lost and found, so she turned to Tile. Almost two weeks after the trip, someone on the Tile network passed by the jacket, anonymously sending Jaime the location of the jacket, and the day was saved!

The Taggarts 

The Taggarts’ young kids are particularly close to their stuffed animals - so much so that Dad ‘surgically’ inserted Tiles into their plush friends using some sewing wizardry, in case they lose their stuffed animals.  

On a family trip to Orlando, the nightmare scenario came true, and the kids were crushed. Dad pulled up the Tile app on the iPad and started walking around the hotel to hopefully get in range.  

After a couple minutes, they connected with the Tile. Turns out housekeeping accidentally took the stuffed animal while picking up the sheets for drying. Disaster averted!

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