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Back to school stories: Keys found 250 miles away


Sending the kids to college can be unnerving for any parent. While you’re excited to see your son or daughter head out on their next exciting chapter, so much can happen once they are out on their own. Here is the story of one dad who found a thoughtful way to help his daughter out from 250 miles away.

A little foresight:

Henry purchased a few Tiles to keep track of his keys and phone, and decided to attach one to his daughter Lori’s car keys as well. Instead of transferring the Tile to Lori, Henry decided that it might be a good idea to keep the keys in his account should they go missing around the house. He decided to share the Tile with her instead, this allowed them both to use the Tile app to find the same set of keys.  

A little bad luck:

Luckily, Lori’s keys didn’t go missing at all while she was staying at home….They did, however, go missing when she went back to college 250 miles away. After searching through all of her things she decided to selected “Notify When Found” in the app and let her dad know about what had happened.

A little help from a friend:

A few days later a Tile community member updated the location of Lori’s keys, but for some reason, she missed the notification and assumed that the keys were still missing.

A little help from dad:

Because Henry was the primary owner of the Tile on Lori’s keys, he received a notification that the keys had been located. He immediately contacted Lori and, as it turned out, the keys were about 30 feet away from her in the bio lab where she had been working when she left them behind. Lori then used the app to zero in on their exact location and find her keys.

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