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I Lost My Keys At The Movies - Tile App Me Helped Find Them!

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"Night Out at the Movies: Spoiler Alert, Keys Found"

“During the evening of the 16/01/15; I lost my keys while at the movies, being approximately 60 km's away from my home. Upon arriving home I discovered that my keys were lost and I activated my lost Tile app which indicated “keys out of range". Panic follows!

I phoned the cinema, but the establishment was closed. The following day, I attempted to phone the cinema again without success and decided that I would drive back to the cinema and search using my app. I walked around the area where I had been the previous night hoping that my Tile app would save the day. Alas, to my disappointment ... no luck and resigned myself that my keys were in fact gone forever. I drove home feeling rather deflated at not finding my keys and thinking of the replacement expense.

Then, after several hours, out of the blue while sitting at home, my Tile app notified me that my keys had been traced 31 minutes ago. I was doubtful to this information of being true and correct, after-all I was 60 km's away from the cinema and had already been back that morning. My decision was to give the app a second chance due to the keys being shown to be in the vicinity of the cinema. I quickly got into my car drove back the 60km's following App instructions to where my keys were last seen.

The Story ends with my keys being located at the shopping complex / information desk near the cinema. (They had been handed in a few hours earlier and possibly had been taken home and then returned when the person handing them in was at the shops).

The app directed me to the exact spot and I saw the two ladies who worked at the info desk holding my beeping keys in wonder. They wanted to know all about my tile and how to purchase one. I am stoked. Well done Tile community and thank you. My tile has more than paid for itself."

Jill S.,
Perth, Australia

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