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Meet the Tile Smart Location Platform.

Add Smart Location to your product. 

Tile is the best-selling Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracker on the market with over 8 million units sold. It's clear that consumers love being able to find the things that matter to them the most. Now, you can give your customers that same ability while differentiating your product. Embed Tile technology so that your customers will benefit from Tile's core functionality and be able to locate your product with the millions strong Tile network, which locates over a million things every day.

Platform features & benefits.

Location insights.

Unlock a new understanding of how and where your customers are using your product.

Network coverage.

Your product instantly benefits from the world's largest lost and found community—millions strong with global coverage.

Scalable solution.

Tile's Smart Location Platform is designed for scalability, so we can easily support your expanding customer base.

Customer engagement. 

Customers can capture and access your product's location through the top rated Tile app or mobile SDK.

Brand love.

Build goodwill with your customers into your brand by giving them peace of mind that Tile's location technology affords.

Easy integration. 

Just add our library to your Bluetooth firmware stack. We've optimized for high performance and low battery consumption.

Consumer Love for Smart Location.

The car that never forgets.

Introducing the world’s-first integration of Tile technology with Land Rover In Control™ apps.

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Tile finds lost luggage.

Learn how Tile's community network found this photographer's luggage half way around the globe.

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Where's my bike?

Priority Bicycles founder David was able to get his stolen bike back with Tile.

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How it works.

1. Include some basics in your design.

A Bluetooth Low Energy chip, a battery source to power the chip, and optional speaker or buzzer are the core requirements for a successful integration.

2. Add the Tile firmware.

Tile's BLE firmware library easily integrates with your existing firmware, enabling automatic communication with the Tile app.

3. Sell an amazing product.

Your customers can easily activate the Tile functionality using the Tile app, and use it to locate your product anytime.

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Get started today with the World’s Largest Smart Location Network.

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