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Welcome Skimm'rs!

What if we told you you'll never lose your things again?

Meet Tile.

Tile is a helpful easy way to find anything.

When you attach Tile to an item (like your wallet), you're really tethering them both to your phone. So when your stuff gets lost, it has a buddy that knows what to do.

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Maximum thought. Minimal design.

From initial concept drawings to the final product, Tile has featured a wonderfully simple design. Small, lightweight, and attractive, Tile fits in with the design of your favorite things.

(Actual size: 37mm x 37mm x 5.3 mm)

The world's largest lost and found.

Become part of the world's largest network dedicated to finding lost items. Even if you just leave the Tile app running in the background, your phone is pointing others in the right direction.

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