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Personalized. Proactive. Powerful.

Tile Premium’s exclusive features give you greater finding power.

Smart Alerts
Tile Free Battery Replacement
Tile Location Updates
Sharing Tiles
Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

Set up Smart Alerts and get notifications when you leave home, work and other places without the things you need. 

Tile Free Battery Replacement

Free battery replacement

Get free replacement batteries mailed to you every year so you never run out of power.

Tile Location Updates

30-day location history

See where your stuff has been for 30 days so you can follow it and track it down.  

Sharing Tiles

Unlimited sharing

Share your Tiles in the app with friends and family so they can help find your things too. 

Premium Customer Care

You have exclusive access to a text help line staffed by our Customer Care team 7 days a week.

Extended Warranty

Warranties are extended to a full three years for Tiles with replaceable battery and 3-year battery.

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"Smart Alerts have been a life saver, making sure that I don’t ever leave my car keys at work again!"

- Nick, Hertfordshire, UK

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