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October 20, 2015

What Back to the Future 2 Missed

Ok, so hoverboards never really took off the way we wished they would, and flying cars are about as common as flying pigs, but there are a lot of things we have today that the writers of Back to the Future 2 never would have dreamed of in 1989. To celebrate Back to the Future day, we thought we’d highlight some incredible tech tools, handy gadgets and rad gizmos that would have blown Marty McFly’s mind if he landed his Delorean in the non-fictional October 21st, 2015.

While video conferencing and VR glasses made the cut, the most commonly used and widely distributed technology is nowhere to be seen in McFly’s visit. In America alone, 85% of adults between 18-29 own smartphones, so chances are, Marty would have been sending snaps and Instagramming shots of his dehydrated pizza in the real 2015. Which reminds me, if you send a snapchat from the past, but it disappears, does it make it to the future? #spacetimecontinuum.

There were some amazing advancements in food in the fictional 2015 including the famed dehydrated Pizza Hut pizza and of course the vitamin-fortified Pepsi Perfect. However, they did not predict a world where people had moved beyond eating entirely. For those of you that don’t know, Soylent is a food-of-the-future meal-replacement beverage, scientifically-engineered to free anyone from the pesky and laborious act of eating. It also happens to be the most successful crowd-funded food product to date. Still, we’re pretty sure Doc, Jenny and Marty would have been totally perplexed in the real 2015 when they discovered that some people have nearly done away with eating altogether.

Keeping track of their copy of Grays Sports Almanac 1950-2000 proved to be a huge headache for Marty and Doc, causing them to run back and forth across over half a century to keep the space time continuum. If only they would have Tiledit! In the real 2015, we have created a technology that allows our stuff to communicate with each other: Our keys can talk to our phones, our tablets can talk to our wallets. Losing your keys, wallet, luggage or phone is now almost completely preventable -- a thing of the *cough, cough* past, if you will.

3D-Printed Clothing:

BTTF 2 featured some interesting winks toward wearable technology like Marty’s slick talking jacket and self-lacing shoes. In the real 2015 however, some of the most fashionable and cutting-edge apparel is being produced by 3D printing machine that anyone can own. Surely Jenny would’ve tried to take back one of these high-fashion pieces from 3D-print designer Danit Peleg (although Jenny’s mom jeans are definitely making a comeback).

Selfie Sticks:

Perhaps nothing embodies contemporary social media more that the selfie stick: a tool designed with the sole purpose taking better pictures of our favorite subject: US! While Marty was able to watch six TV programs at once, how would he ever have been able to take an awesome selfie while shredding on his hoverboard?

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