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Tiles are pet-friendly


People love using Tile for their favorite four-legged friends. Whether it’s for pets or the stuff that comes with them, Tiles can provide peace of mind and make life easier.

Tile is powered by Bluetooth so it’s not a real-time tracking technology like GPS but many of our customers have discovered that it’s perfect for their needs.

Here are some ways you can use Tile with your pets:

-- It’s great for finding wayward leashes and collars when you’re headed out for a walk with your pooch.

-- You can locate your pet in the house or yard more easily. This is particularly useful for pets that “disappear” in your house, dogs or cats playing in large or overgrown yards, pets like bunnies or turtles who don't come when you call or pets that hide when they’re afraid. (One of our customers found her cat's thunderstorm hiding place in the back of her old dresser). Or maybe you just like knowing where your pet is so you can snag more snuggle time with them.

-- Some people have even trained their dogs to come to them when they hear the Tile ring. Try that on a cat!

-- Tiles are great for pets with disabilities. If you have a hearing impaired pet who can’t hear you call her/him, Tile can help you find them. An older pet who “wanders” will be easier to rescue. The same goes for an ill, injured or pregnant pet who may not want to lay still when they need to rest. You’ll waste less time worrying and searching and feel better knowing they’re safe.

-- Certain pets are escape artists. For those heart-pounding moments when your mischievous pet makes a mad dash for it, Tile helps you stay calm and gives you a little edge in finding them. When a beloved cat wandered off and got trapped in a neighbor’s garage, one customer walked around the block until she saw the green rings on her app showing that she was close by and rang her cat’s Tile.

-- To make it easier, share your pet’s Tile so the whole family can help you find. Or activate a search party when you mark your pet as lost. If your pet is faraway, you’ll get a location notification when your pet comes within range of anyone running the Tile app.

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