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January 9, 2018

Tile Tips: By Mums for Mums

While Mother’s Day only comes once a year, the demands of the job are 24/7. Luckily, Tile can help take care of a few of the little things, so Mum can focus on the big ones. We’ve picked some of our favourite real-life Tile stories to give you some mumspiration:

1) Tile in a toy:  One of our all-time favorite Tile mum stories comes from Bonnie whose son had a very strong affinity for his easy-to-misplace cuddly rabbit Fluffy. Fluffy was originally intended for Bonnie’s daughter, but when her son showed such a strong affinity for the toy, she didn’t have the heart to take it away.

The only issue was that, like many kids his age, Bonnie’s son had a habit of leaving even his most-precious toys behind. Bonnie, being both clever and handy with needle and thread, performed a small operation on the stuffed bunny and inserted a Tile into his stuffing. Now they always know exactly where their son's treasured toy hopped off to.

 2) The trackable jacket:

Jaime brought her kids to the Children's Museum in Halifax.  The Eureka Museum in West Yorkshire enables kids to roam free and explore science with a hands on approach.  And as any parent can attest to, this means lots of climbing, running around, and ultimately things being left behind at one of their 6 zones.  Their daughter left her coat behind at the museum – it was her favourite.  

Despite a few calls back to the museum, and a few hunts around the house, her jacket was nowhere to be found.  However, since they had a Tile attached to her lost coat, the Tile network was able to help her parents find it in 12 days.  They were able to recover her coat & Tile saved the day.  Tile is a must have item for parents who need to keep track of their child's favourite things. Kids always tend to leave things behind, and it's nice to not have to buy a replacement coat if they are lost or misplaced.  

3) Teenagers and phones:  Being the mother of two teenagers means that Janette spends a lot of time keeping track of their busy schedules. Between practices, rehearsals, games and school visits, a lot can get misplaced. Starting at the beginning of the last school year, the daily scramble to get out the door reached an all-time high.

After one morning spending 45 minutes looking for her son’s phone (only to discover it was in his backpack the whole time), she decided to give her two remaining Tiles to her kids so they could reverse ring their phones whenever they were in a time crunch.  Now getting out the door in the morning is just a little smoother, thanks to Tile.

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