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Chris Lost Wallet

Two birds with one Tile: How Tile recovered two stolen wallets at once.


We recently heard from a minister in North Carolina, with an amazing story of finding not one, but two stolen wallets. While driving to the police station (on the highway) to file a crime report, the Tile app notified him that his wallet was "seen" as he passed a gas station at 35mph. Upon further investigation, he and the clerks at the store discovered not one, but two stolen wallets in the trash can behind the store. Not only did Chris recover his ID cards and a few cards, but also helped another victim of theft. We always talk about Tile being about a community, and think this story is a great example of how one Tile member was able to help several people at the same time. Tile proves that with the right tools, two birds with one stone is in fact possible.

Thanks to Chris for being part of our community and sharing your story. Full details below.

"About a month ago, I was leaving the gym and I noticed my wallet was not in my pocket. Thinking I may have dropped it, I pulled out the the Tile app on my phone since I had a Tile in one of the inner pockets of the wallet, and was able to determine the last place it had seen my wallet was inside the gym. Knowing that I had put my wallet in a locked locker, this was suspicious. After searching everywhere I had been, about an hour later I got a call from a credit card company that someone attempted to use the card fraudulently. I quickly cancelled all my cards and drove towards the police station to file a report.

On the way there, I received a ping from Tile while passing a nearby gas station. I went on to the police station and filed the report. I told the officer about the ping and he told me to check it out and let him know if I saw anything suspicious. I explained the situation to the clerks at the gas station, and they were kind enough to turn off the music in the loud speaker and they both went outside and helped me listen for the faint chirp of the tile. One of the clerks yelled out to us when he heard it inside a trash can, and quickly pulled out a fast food bag with the wallet inside. The wallet was sadly empty except for a business credit card, a few store loyalty cards, and the tile. However, also in the bag was another wallet that obviously had been stolen from someone else. I called the policeman back and he came and went through the rest of the bag. The other wallet still had most of the owner's credit cards and ID inside, and had been reported stolen at another gym, where like in my case, had been taken by breaking into a locked locker. So, although the Tile did not help me recover my cards or ID, I got my wallet and tile back, and helped someone else get theirs back as well.

The police officer was impressed, saying he had never had a case like this in which something stolen was recovered with a tracker device such as this. I have not heard yet if the information recovered helped find the thief, but it was exciting to know that the Tile had done it's job. It's also the reason I decided to reorder Tiles a second year since they had proved their worth."

In Christ,
Rev. Chris V. Bridges

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Chris Mooresville - NC

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