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Ebs Tile
July 11, 2016

The Only Thing you Cant Lose in Las Vegas

People leave things behind at bars & restaurants all the time.  From lost keys to missing wallets, it can be very stressful. One trend that we see happening is that certain establishments on the Las Vegas strip is that bartenders are starting to run the Tile app on their person to help customers recover lost items before it happens!   

Vladymyr Buryanov, Alexey Balashov, & Mihail Malai, are three bartenders we talked to who use Tile every day.  In addition to saving themselves time, they use it as work for an extra layer of customer service in the nightclub industry.  Vladymyr Buryanov is one of the most coordinated and methodological people we have ever seen perform. He can juggle multiple bottles and even catch one on his head, but he still loses his keys every now and then. He is a World Champion flair bartender & GM of The European Bartending Academy in Las Vegas.

“The really cool thing about Tile is this community aspect. If a customer leaves their wallet behind during service, I can help notify them that it's still here. This is new level of digital customer service that we’ve never been able to offer before in the Industry. And people lose a LOT of stuff at bars. We train hundreds of people here at EBS on mixology & flair, and we always mention Tile to our students.”   - Vladymyr

“In the nightclub industry, time is off the essence. Being on time to an event or a trade show is very important to our clients and our team. In addition to having more time to prepare, it also gives us more time to spend with our customers."  Tile has heard from multiple people in the service industry that love Tile.  And the data shows that Tile’s network in places like Las Vegas are unparalleled.  

We imagine a time when all restaurants & bars will have staff or a Point of Sale running Tile. It would be a standard benefit to customers. While our network is massive, knowing that people in key places are running the app where people lose things the most, really helps with our network density in places like Las Vegas. We are finding over 500,000 things a day currently. Activations through partners like EBC will only help increase the number of lost phones, keys, and wallets found in places where people typically go. This is one of the most creative use cases of Tile we’ve seen out there. What the European Bartender School is doing is very smart to provide a digital level of customer service in addition to their impressive showmanship.    

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