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Find Your Turtle With Tile
September 11, 2017

Shelling Out On A Tile Was A Smart Move

66 year old Steve may be one of our oldest UK customers. He’s real slow and a bit wrinkly. Loves a nice ripe tomato does our Steve. Steve is a tortoise! Rebekah and Daniel Hawkins from Purrs Mews Cat Hotel were given Steve a few years back.

This lively tortoise enjoys life in their lovely garden in Kent, sometimes a bit too much as he often disappears in the flower beds and is hard to locate. During hot weather Steve is surprisingly active. As the garden is walled there’s no way he can escape, but tortoises are quite skilled at getting under fences or finding gaps in hedges, as Dan and Rebekah had discovered. 

They had tried other trackers but nothing worked that well. The Tile Pro Series, being waterproof was an ideal solution for speedy Steve, and they attached a smart Style model in white to his shell. Steve happily goes about his day in the garden and retreats to his specially built house for a rest, and all the while he can be tracked and found in the Tile app

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